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Eisbar American Eskimos

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Our dogs are members of our family , raised in our home with  love and attention.

They all enjoy a healthy diet, routine check ups, daily exercise, agility training, obedience training, long walks along the beach and plenty of playtime. 

Our rewards are affection, attention, diligence and "treats".   


The needs of our dogs and their puppies are first and foremost.


All puppies come into the world in the safety and comfort of our home under the watchful eye of our team.  


Puppies begin to be socialized from the time they open their eyes,  Paper training and kennel training follow as soon as they are steady on their feet. 


At Eisbar, we follow a rigorous and strict deworming program from tthe age of  2 weeks. 

We guarantee our dogs and are available anytime for the lifetime of your dog via varied means of communication.


Where possible, we at Eisbar will deliver puppies to central major Vancouver Island centres  and will fly puppies on direct flights with major, trusted airlines throughout Canada and the U.S.

Every puppy comes with  CKC Registration Papers and 4 Generation Pedigree  and Socialization Kit

Our Mission Statement

Provide responsible owners with Affordable, Adorable 

Healthy,  Purebred, Registered, "Mini-chipped",

Socialized Toy/Mini American Eskimo Puppies

30 + years experience raising Eskimos, Animal Husbandy degree. Dogs & puppies live with us inside our home.  uppies are socialized for several hours daily from the time they open their eyes 

Puppies are well on their way to being paper trained, crate trained and comfortable in a collar at 8 weeks. 

At 4 weeks puppies begin a strict and rigorous de-worming routine.


Puppies are vet checked, immunized and "mini"-chipped (smaller needle bore, less traumatic and painful than micro chip for such small puppies at 8 weeks .  Puppies come with;  Health Certificate, CKC Registration Papers, UKC Registration and 4 Generation Pedigree.  

All breeding dogs go through Industry Standard Genetic testing for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).  Our breeding program guarantees 2 carriers of the mutated gene will never be bred to each other, eliminating the possibility of puppies being affected.    

Eisbar --> German for "Polar Bear"  

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