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About American Eskimos


Typical proportioned body found on Nordic working dogs. Nordic face, triangular ears rounded at the tip. Black Points: nose, lips, eye rims. Heritage: Northern Europe.  Ancestor: German Spitz, (renamed "American Eskimo -1917).   Amazing 19th Century circus performers.  

Lively, intelligent, agile,  active companion.  Loves to entertain and join in family activities. Outgoing, alert and friendly (reserved with strangers).  Toy: 9-12 inches (22-30 cm) 6-10 pounds (3-5 kg), Miniature;  12-15 inches (30-40 cm) 10-17 pounds (5-8 kg) and Standard: 15-20 inches (49-50 cm) 18-35 pounds (8-16 kg)   Lifespan:  15+ years. 

True to their spitz heritage, Eskies are independent, tenacious and love exercise, They are calm, well mannered, good with children, other dogs and generally outgoing.

Distinctive traits;  White or Champagne/Biscuit coat that resists soaking.  Rump and back legs are thickly coated.  Thick ears  resist cold.  Agile, bold trot, keen, alert expression.   Smiling face, black nose, lips,eye-rims and ear tips.  Wedge-shaped head and beautiful plumed tail carried over their back. 

Dense fur undercoat, long straight hair topcoat combines to create an overall fluffy coat which sheds twice a year.  They have a pronounced ruff of fur at the neck .  The inner coat protects their skin while the longer coat crowns their body. (warm in winter, cool in summer).   Oils in their fur act as natural dirt repellents and Eskies have no smell.

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